The sound of Nature

The Sound of Nature

By Marion Demanet

"Whoever wants to be healthy must live in harmony with God and nature" Hildegard of Bingen

Our life is a search for the perfect harmony in and around us. Nature offers an incredibly rich palette and helps to reconnect with our inner nature.

Whether plants or gemstones ... nature is a universe of frequencies, each material vibrates on its own specific vibration. In the body every cell, every tissue, every organ vibrates at its own vibration.

This is also the power of Sound Healing where the sound vibrations pass through our body and harmonize physical and emotional imbalances.

During my lecture I would like to take you into the universe of Sound.

And that's where the voice plays an important role. We're going to look deeper into the importance of the voice as the greatest power center. If your voice doesn't match your vibration, there's a dissonant field around you. Which means your message is not getting across correctly.

That's why people who speak the truth are so charismatic, the picture is completely correct. Many of us have lost our voice throughout life, literally and figuratively.

At the end of the lecture I would like you to experience the power of Soundhealing through my voice and healing instruments such as monochord, crystal singing bowl, ....

Marion has been guiding individual and group workshops on Sound Healing for years and you can contact her for individual sound healing as well as voice liberation.

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